Day 73 – The times they are a changin’


This is me setting off for my last early morning hill session for my half marathon training session. Notice anything different? Still got my hi-vis vest on but no gloves, no ear warmers, no jacket but yes I am wearing SHORTS! It was about 50F this morning. I’m not sure I even want to type this but I’m pretty sure that winter is gone and SPRING is here. I don’t know about where all you guys live but over here in SLC the cherry blossoms are out (and so pretty) along with the daffodils and tulips. Warm and sunny most days and I’m even thinking of dusting off our grill after its winter hibernation.

I think this change in weather has lightened my mood. I did my hill repeats – 6 x 100ish ft up and down for a total of 4.8 miles and 670 ft elevation gain (and loss). It felt good, like seriously good. I looked back through my Garmin data and saw that I did this exact run about 3 weeks ago. During that time I’ve managed to drop 20s per mile off my average pace (9.17 min/mile to 8.54 min/mile)! What a confidence boost! (Random Bob Dylan song in my head earlier today)

So what’s been happening? Well the last couple of weeks have been among my highest mileage ever. Plus I’ve also been doing the exercises recommended by my PT. These are largely targeted at glute strengthening – lateral leg raises and leg circles and clamshells every night. My legs look leaner and so does my butt (according to J). Who would’ve guessed that running more and working your legs improves your running? Well probably Captain Obvious!

I’m also starting to get obsessed with salads for lunch. Usually baby spinach, half an avocado diced, some feta, cherry tomatoes, whatever salad dressing is in the fridge and protein. Today it’s eggs but sometimes pulled chicken. In my world spring has most definitely sprung!

April mileage: 34.05 miles/54.8 KM

ATWRBR mileage: 155.95 miles/251 KM


10 thoughts on “Day 73 – The times they are a changin’

  1. I’m trying to buckle down on doing glute/hip work daily too, I could really use that same 20 sec/mi boost! It’s been 60-70 and sunny the last few days here and hitting 80 this weekend so I’m all about the shorts this week too!

    • Finally – some decent weather to run in. It makes it 100x better. Hip/glute work is a necessary evil for me but I think it’s paying off. Today might’ve been one of those freak good runs – will have to wait and see.

  2. Isn’t the weather awesome! I am here in NY and I had the best run last night due to weather. Which, half are you running? Are you running DC in 2 weeks? If so, that is the half I am training for.

  3. SHORTS! YAY! I plan on rocking shorts to my race Saturday morning even if it’s chilly!

    I’ve been trying to work more leg/glute exercises into my routine as well. I get a lot of it at yoga, but my butt still needs some help.

    Something about spring makes me want to eat more salads. I had a gigantic one for lunch yesterday and I’m thinking about it again today too!

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