Day 72

I think I would eat anything if you put it in a tortilla and cover it in enchilada sauce and cheese. Tonight it was cheese and zucchini.

Tuesday is my rest day. No running. Even if it’s sunny and in the mid-70s and there’s a trail right outside my office. Rest days are important for recovery. But I was so tempted. Instead I’ve promised¬† myself an after work trail run on Thursday.


Instead my day started with an early morning gym session. Legs and core mostly. And then after work some PT, icing and foam rolling. Oh yeah I know how to have a good time!

The gym at 6 AM is always full of the same people. The older guy in his old sweats. The chick whose legs I would kill for. The two college girls working out together (synchronized weight lifting this morning). The older lady attacking the elliptical like she wants to break it. And the two gym bros – still can’t work out if they are just gym buddies or if they are a couple. It’s kind of reassuring to see my gym family!

April mileage: 29.25 miles/47.1 KM

ATWRBR mileage: 151.15 miles/243.3 KM


11 thoughts on “Day 72

  1. I love me some enchilada sauce as well and I love that you have the usual suspects at your gym all the time! My gym regulars are mostly college student guys that hang around in the weight area. I don’t have much contact with them because I don’t lift while I’m there, but it is reassuring to see the same folks all the time.

    • I think so! It feels like a safe and happy place. I have a recipe for a simple enchilada sauce that nobody could ever mess up ever.

      8 oz can tomato sauce
      As much garlic as you like
      1/2 cup chicken/vegetable broth
      1/4 tsp chili poweder
      1/4 tsp cumin
      1 tbsp chipotle pepper in adobo sauce chopped (it’s usually in a small can next to all the mexican ingredients)

      Put everything in a small saucepan. Bring to a gentle boil and let simmer for 10 mins. Done!

  2. I am not a fan ofthe gym in the mornings because they’re so busy.But that being said, getting in a morning workout is the best feeling. It’s like a natural coffee injection. Your burrito is making me drool.

    • I use a college gym and it seems like the students don’t like getting up early but do like going at 5-6 PM so the morning is usually the quietest time. And I agree a morning workout definitely sets you up for the day. I’ve totally switched to being a morning person and it’s working out great.

  3. Good for you- rest IS very important so I’m glad to here you stick to it no matter what the weather! That’s great!! Also the gym really does feel like family!! Haha, I love it!!

  4. That’s how it is at my gym in the morning too! Same people doing the same things at the same times! They prob see me and say “Oh there’s that chick that always wears that and always does that at this time,” hahaa.

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