Day 71 – Prehab

I am writing this while laying on the floor and icing my glutes and right knee. I’m calling it prehabbing.

I went for a nice and easy recovery run this morning – 4.05  miles at 9.17 min/mile pace. Felt mostly OK – a little tight in my hip and a little achey in the knee (hence the icing). I had originally planned on doing 4.5 ish but apparently I can’t do math at 6.30 AM. After that my compression calf sleeves went on for the day. Prehab – a milion times better than rehab.

The weather in Salt Lake looks pretty great for the next few days. I jealously watched a bunch of runners run by the trail outside my office wearing shorts and tanks! It looked like so much fun – wish I could’ve made it out there. But I wanted to keep my evening free because J was getting back from his trip. Even better when I got home he had already started dinner. He’s a keeper!

Spent the evening catching up on Cosmos with Neil DeGrasse Tyson and eating ice cream. I learned about the properties of light and also that German chocolate cake was invented by a Mr Sam German and has coconut, pecans and caramel in it (this was not in Cosmos BTW). I naively thought that German chocolate cake was just extra chocolately cake from Germany. Who knew? Well, probably anyone who grew up in the USA! You know what they say – you learn something new everyday.

April mileage: 29.25 miles/47.1 KM

ATWRBR mileage: 151.15 miles/243.3 KM


2 thoughts on “Day 71 – Prehab

  1. I missed Cosmos but my 8 year old nephew was watching it with my husband and brother-in-law and they were all trying to catch me up on what I missed…not the same as Tyson explaining it, that’s for sure 😉

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