Day 69 and 70 – Weekend recap

My half marathon is now less than two weeks away (!) and this week marked the highest mileage week of my training plan. The runs during the week went pretty well and my main aim for this weekend was to avoid the rain and get the miles in.

Friday night started with some chicken and pineapple stir fry. Extra broccoli. Followed by German chocolate cake gelato with raspberries and extra chocolate. Yum all round.


Saturday morning called for four miles at half marathon race pace. I ran part of this on the actual race course and managed 4.00 miles at 7.44 min/mile pace. I would be so happy if this was my actual race pace on the day. I’m still not experienced enough at running to accurately predict my time. I definitely feel stronger and in better shape than my last half marathon but how will that translate onto a tougher course? I guess I’ll have to race to find out.

Saturday was spent with some girlfriends having a blast. We stopped for lunch in Les Madelines, a French patisserie-style cafe, eating awesome sandwiches, frites and pastries.

More carb loading in the evening. Homemade fish sticks, fries and a bunch of asparagus. This might become my fueling meal of choice in the future.


And Sunday was the big day. 12 miles. Longest run on the training schedule. My 11 miler last week went OK but I had a bit of a weird dizzy minute after about 8 miles. I figured my blood sugar was dropping and I needed to rethink my fueling strategy.

This might sound a little dumb to some of you but in this training cycle and last year’s half marathon I didn’t use any gels during my runs. In fact, last time I think that the only thing I ever brought with me was my keys and some water.

It was time to introduce gels into my running life. Because J is training for a full marathon we had a ton of different types of gels in our pantry. I went with the Gu salty caramel gel (which I had seen a bunch of bloggers rave about) and 22oz of lemon/lime Nuun.

And the result? I am an idiot! The second half of this run felt amazing! I definitely need calories for this length of run. It was like someone injected me with run faster juice. I also started drinking my Nuun way earlier than normal. Even the rain that started after mile 10 could not dampen my mood. Best long run ever! 12.03 miles at 8.33 min/mile pace. All with 860 ft of elevation gain.

The only downside was an ache under the arch of my right foot. This started to bother me at mile 9.5 and disappeared as soon as I stopped running. I’m a little worried it might be the start of plantar fasciitis but I’ll mention it to my physiotherapist on Thursday.

And after my run my favorite part of half marathon training – eating as much calories as possible.

Starting with granola – this week I added pecans, walnuts, dried cranberries, pepitas and chocolate chips. I think the chocolate chips will have to stay.


Then I decided to hop on the green smoothie train. Banana, strawberry, blueberry and spinach. With a side of pulled chicken quesadilla (with the obligatory avocado). And pineapple.


After icing, foam rolling and compression socks I spent the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying my single girl time. Ended my weekend with some red wine, Audrey Hepburn and popcorn (from our brand new (to us) science oven – we have somehow managed to survive four years without one). Perfect weekend.


5 runs

Weekly mileage: 30.35 miles (highest weekly mileage ever)

One yoga class

One strength workout

One climbing session (finished three 5.10ds!)

April mileage: 25.2 miles/40.6 KM

ATWRBR mileage: 147.1 miles/236.7 KM


12 thoughts on “Day 69 and 70 – Weekend recap

  1. If you think it’s plantar fasciitis coming on, there are a bunch of things you can do to help it go away before it becomes a problem and it doesn’t hurt to do them anyway so if it’s not plantar fasciitis, no problem. The biggest thing that helped me was rolling my foot over a tennis/golf/lacrosse ball, whatever you can get easily. There are stretches too you can find online. 2 minutes a day of those things should make it disappear before it starts!

  2. I SEE THAT RED VELVET CUPCAKE WINE. It is my favorite! Once again all your food is making me hungry. Congrats on your big mileage and a great long run! I hope everything is okay with your foot!

    • I love that wine too – there were two bottles of it hiding in our kitchen so I had to open one. Been googling foot exercises today – and no pain once I stop running and no pain running today. Fingers crossed.

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