Day 67 – All the good things

Does anyone else have unnatural feelings for their crockpot? It’s the best thing ever. I made pulled chicken with black beans and corn. Last night we had it in burritos and tonight over roasted sweet potato with all the trimmings.


J is out of town this weekend so this morning started with me dropping him off before heading to work early. The plan was to run after work. I’ve realized that running at rush hour stresses me out – too much traffic and drivers not paying attention. So time to hit the trail.


This trail is right by my work and I can’t believe I haven’t run on it more before this. Soon it’ll be too hot and/or rattlesnakey for evening runs but today it was 50F and perfect. I took it easy and did a 3.88 mile out and back at 8.55 min/mile pace wtih 551 ft elevation. It was great! One of those – I could run forever runs. And I finished feeling energized and refreshed.


Because J is out of town I decided to purchase one of my favorite movies.


I LOVE this movie and even better while checking out Amazon I realized that I still had some gift credit left. Did you know they sell running shoes there? Well I couldn’t help myself. And these arrived today. Now I have this shoe in every color.


I’m currently rotating two pairs of these and have two brand spanking new pairs ready for when marathon training begins in June.

And I’m ending my night with an episode of Scandal and trying not to eat all of this bag of chocolates.


My Mom (and Nana) sends me Irish style chocolates every Christmas. These are new to me but amazing. I have one more pack and then I’m all out! Will have to stock up when I go home in September. Or visit the local British store – I probably can’t last without them for 5 months.

April mileage: 9.2 miles/14.8 KM

ATWRBR mileage: 131.1 miles/211 KM


14 thoughts on “Day 67 – All the good things

  1. We did crockpot pulled chicken last night too! Wen mixed it with BBQ sauce and had sandwiches last night and tonight, yum! I love your purple shoes πŸ™‚

  2. I love cooking in the crockpot. Over the holidays, I made a crockpot cake and brought it to a party. It was a HUGE hit. Super moist and flavorful. I also love to make rotel dip and pot roast in it.

  3. I love that movie and very nice run!! Yes, traffic is definitely a stressful thing so running always helps me, too!! Oh, Scandal and chocolate! Now, that’s truly sweet!! πŸ˜‰ Have fun!

  4. Oh hi, pretty new shoes! I love them!
    I am a huge lover of crockpot meals, but I destroyed our last crockpot so I’m a little afraid to use the new one. I’m such a waste of space when it comes to cooking.

    • Thanks! Loving the shoes.

      I would definitely recommend a crockpot. 5 mins prep in the morning and dinner is ready when you get home. And chicken thighs are my favorite thing to cook in them.

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