Day 62 and 63 – 9 weeks done and done!

Saturday was long run day. My visit to the PT had given me the confidence to go out and tackle 11 miles in preparation for my second half marathon which will be kicking off in three (!) weeks. I also wanted to run as much as possible on the actual race course. I woke at 7 AM on Saturday and had a snack of wholewheat toast and Trader Joe’s cookie crunch butter.


I’m kinda excited to finish this jar because this is waiting in the pantry!


I also had half a Nuun Orange tablet. I then hopped on a bus and headed up to the University of Utah where the race will start. I followed the course for a little over 9 miles. I saw a ton of very friendly runners and identified the two killer uphill sections. But the course is mostly a gentle downhill and has some pretty views over Salt Lake and the surrounding mountains.

And no hip pain! I felt a couple of twinges but sternly told them to piss off! I was no doing sore hip today! My knee was achy but this improved over the run.I didn’t quite manage the ice bath but did ice my hips and knee for 20 mins and wore my compression calf sleeves for the rest of the day.

I managed 11.04 miles at 8.17 min/mile pace – a little faster than I had planned but such a confidence boost. I feel like I am ready for this race! Now I just have to get through me peak mileage week and then have a two week taper.


Post run refueling was raspberries with Greek yoghurt, flaked almonds and honey. So good – it was like dessert!


J volunteered to make breakfast sandwiches – egg, bacon and avocado on toast. So good. And even better because I didn’t have to make it myself.


Saturday was also a baby shower for one of my girlfriends. I decided to bring cookies from the best cookie maker in SLC. Amazing! And apologies for inducing cookie-envy in you!


And yes – all of these cookies were amazing. Lucky for me I also earned a free cookie voucher for my next visit.

After the shower I came home to another J-cooked extravaganza. That dude has some serious cooking skills. More cookies for dessert because why not? And then a night at our local theater to see Deathtrap – a comedy thriller – before falling asleep watching Louis CK on SNL.

Sunday I woke up with no pain! I give credit to the IC in RICE. I did a slow 4 mile recovery run before winter decided to reappear. 4.1 miles at 9.05 min/mile pace.


Hello winter I guess you’re not done with us yet…….

We decided to hit the climbing gym in the afternoon before settling in for the evening with a cocktail and some Italian-inspired dinner.


March mileage: 111.55 miles/179.5 KM

Weekly recap:

5 runs – 28.5 miles total

2 strength workouts

2 climbing gym sessions

1 yoga class

Bring on week 10!


11 thoughts on “Day 62 and 63 – 9 weeks done and done!

  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! And getting to practice the course beforehand is awesome, I’ve never had that opportunity but now you’ll know exactly where to push and where to conserve a little energy πŸ™‚

  2. You post the best looking food on here all the time. I LOVE COOKIE BUTTER. I’ve never tried the swirly one and now I think I need to hunt it down.

    It sounds like a great week (and nice mileage this month!) Congrats on the run. I think you sound totally prepared. πŸ™‚

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