Day 61 – TGIF! TGIF!


So I ended my week of yuck by filing my taxes! Woohoo! I feel as if I have dealt with all my outstanding tasks for at least six months.

Today started with a 30 minute leg workout and finished with a 30 minute core workout. Also got some frozen peas so I can fashion some kind of ice diaper for after my long run tomorrow. Have to remember to put the I in RICE.

I switched my long run to tomorrow (damn Utah spring weather). 11 miles and most of them will be on the actual half marathon course. And I am psyched. Last week I think I made myself anxious about hitting 10 miles but I am determined to enjoy this one. Wish me luck!



12 thoughts on “Day 61 – TGIF! TGIF!

      • Oh, lucky you! My run was a bit miserable to be honest. It was just cold, wet, foggy and still very windy (only in Scotland). I managed 20 miles on the trails but was exhausted afterwards, mostly because I ran the second half entirely into the wind. But, it’s done and in the bag. 🙂 I seriously hope that the weather will change soon though!

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