Day 60 – Hips don’t lie

Well my hips don’t lie. According to the PT my hips are the source of all my problems.

But first – donuts. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a crazy donut person but every so often I just need to have one. And lucky for me J had to buy a dozen or so to bring in for a work meeting. So we got up extra early, picked up our donuts and headed for yoga class. (We were working on going from wild thing to wheel – well I can do both separately but cannot work out how to link them together – any tips yogis?). Then back home to pick out my breakfast!


I went for sprinkles – chocolate donut with chocolate frosting. Yes please! Now I’m pretty good for another 6 months.

Today was a continuation of week of unpleasantness. PT appointment. Started out with some “massage” of my glute medius. Oh my God – THE PAIN! Holy crap! But I appreciated it afterwards. Type 2 experience.

The major take home message was: (1) I can still run (Yay!) and even go ahead with my scheduled 11 mile run this weekend. (2) I need to build up the endurance in my glutes (3) Knee pain is secondary to weak hips so if I can fix that it should go away. (4) Ice, ice, ice.

So I can keep running as long as my pain is less than a 3 on a pain scale of 10. Start doing daily glute strengthening exercises – mostly clam shells and leg raises. Plus crab walks, bridge hip thrusts and squats 3-4 times a wee.k. She did also recommend an ice bath after long runs which I am not so psyched about. Her exact recommendation was to sit in 6 inches of ice wearing a beanie and a down jacket. This might not happen but I will definitely ice a lot more than I have been doing.

I am scheduled to get a massage about 9 days before the half marathon to work everything out. I am feeling pretty positive about getting back to full fitness.

After my week tonight started with a glass of red wine. Then I made vegetarian chilli (the secret is to add a tiny bit of dark chocolate right at the end) with sweet potato wedges. Now I just have to get my taxes out of the way and my week of unpleasantness will be done!



14 thoughts on “Day 60 – Hips don’t lie

  1. WalkToRio says:

    Glad to hear you can carry on with your schedule.
    I need to get me some donuts, apple cinnamon is my favorite, ohh and Boston Creme.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. Yum! I’m with you though, now that I had my doughnuts, I don’t need any for a good 4-6 months. Ice baths stink but they help so I typically do them for any run of more than 14. Glad your appt helped and you got some useful advice to keep you running!

  3. My hips hate me 😦 I was in physio for almost two months for my hips/lower back…what a pain (no pun intended). For me, I had to loosen my hip flexors, stretch all kinds and I have specific exercises I have to do in order for my hips/lower back not to hurt…not to mention a cool back support when I am sitting. It’s mainly to do with 2 pregnancies/births.
    Glad you are able to move forward with your running.

  4. I am not really a donut person either, but when I do it’s always chocolate glazed on chocolate. Gotta live large. 🙂

    For the flip dog to wheel you want to shift your weight more toward your feet and spin your bottom hand. I don’t know if that makes sense when I say it, but it always works for me. It’s more of a challenge getting back around into downward dog again. (I’m much better at it on one side than the other.)

    I got a lot of ice talk today too. I’m so glad you can still run and I hope you stay low-pain/pain-free!

    • I read this in work and was a little tempted to try yoga out but decided I’ll work on it at home. I think it’s a mental barrier but we’ll see.

      I also picked up extra frozen veggies for my post run icing tomorrow. Thanks for the good wishes – hope that your recovery goes well too!

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