Day 59 – Masochism and earthquakes

Yesterday evening’s run was just about perfect. I actually stopped to smell the roses (well hyacinths really). It was one of those runs were you were just glad to be outside and take it all in.

4.05 miles at 8.05 min/mile pace.

I also tried a new recipe – I’m kinda trying to do a new recipe each week and because we were going to get a brief taste of spring I knew I had to make fish tacos. Tilapia cooked with fresh tomatoes (deseeded), fresh jalapenos, onion, garlic and lime juice served with avocado and a lime-cilantro mayo. Heaven. And pretty filling. There were even some leftovers! Shock!


I knew this morning was not going to be a lot of fun. Starting with about 40 mins of hill repeats. Lucky (?) for me I live in a pretty hilly neighborhood – full of hilly, parallel streets that have an incline of about 100ft over 0.28 miles. So I ran up and down 6 hills. 671 ft over 4.82 miles at 9.17 min/mile pace. These killer hills are the result of a massive fault line that is due for an earthquake at any time. I usually think about this during hill repeats – hoping that we’re not in our brick house when the big one hits. It’s funny what you think about on a run!

For some reason I always like looking at this elevation profile data. And yes Salt Lake is at 4400 ft.


I followed this with my PT exercises – doing my homework before I see her again tomorrow.

Then it was back to the dentist for 2 (!) fillings. All before 9.30 AM – I like to schedule my masochism early! Phew! My day can only get better!

March mileage: 96.4 miles/155.1 KM


12 thoughts on “Day 59 – Masochism and earthquakes

  1. Personally, I’d take the hill reps over the dentist any day! šŸ˜‰ Those tortillas look so yummy – it made me wish I was still living in Albuquerque, I have a sudden craving for a bean burrito! Incidentally, I live in a little village where there are 8 parallel streets winding down to the harbour. One of them takes me about 60 seconds to sprint up, and they are might steep. It’s my staple workout – if everything else fails, I go run those hills until I feel like throwing up!

    • I’d never had good Mexican food til I moved out here – there’s an amazing fish taco place nearby – so good. I bet ABQ was even better! Hill sprints are such a good workout – especially when you feel your legs getting stronger. But still hard. And I think my dentist is just as relieved as me that we don’t have to see each other for 6 months!

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