Day 58 – Check this out


Does sunny weather make automatically make everyone happier? We are having our warmest day since last October and I am planning to get out and enjoy it (before rain/snow makes its reappearance). I’m feeling about a million times better than yesterday. Minimal knee pain and having one of those feel good days. I thing my good moods peak when it’s in the 70s!

The morning began with a gym core and leg session. I even managed to catch the early bus to work and there was pizza for lunch! Us poor scientists are easy to please.

My running clothes (shorts and t-shirt finally) are waiting under my desk for a gentle downhill run home followed by fish tacos. And probably orange-chocolate ice cream.

And I must mention what I made for dinner last night. Skinnytaste to the rescue again. Orange chicken with basmati rice and brocolli. SO easy to make and J said how it tasted like it came from a Chinese restaurant – minus the MSG of course!


16 thoughts on “Day 58 – Check this out

  1. So jealous of your sunny and beautiful weather! We are having misleading sunshine where you think it is warm, dress like its warm, then come back in and change as soon as you walk outside because it is so much colder than it looks!

  2. WalkToRio says:

    They opened a NYC Style Pizza place recently in here. And surprisingly tastes like NYC pizza, my happy place, specially now that weather is nice.
    Pizza makes everybody, but lactose intolerants happy.

  3. The sun does make everyone feel better. It lifts my spirits and makes me want to get outside and just do anything.

    Chocolate orange ice cream..ah yum! We don’t have that in around here but I would be happy to enjoy some of it if we did. Your dinner sounded delish too.

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