Day 56 – Double digits

Sunday is long run day. And today was my first scheduled double digit run since………………May last year! Yikes! I ran my first half marathon on May 18th 2013 and had a fall half scheduled for November 3rd. Due to injury that never happened and the longest I ran over the summer was a 15K in August. This was followed by injury number 2 so my running year was cut drastically short.

This half marathon schedule is a little more ambitious – an extra day running per week and overall higher mileage. My plan is to always run a little hard the day before my long run to get used to running on tired legs. We’ll see how that holds up on race day……

Lucky we’re having a burst of sunny weather – although it’s still pretty chilly in the mornings. It took two miles for my hands to warm up this morning. My route included a steady gradual uphill as I’m doing my best to prep for the potential nasty bits for my half marathon which is now just 4 weeks away. 10.02 miles at 8.33 min/mile pace. Mostly easy pace with a little twinge of my glut medius at about mile 8. You can bet I foam rolled that sucker when I got back.

Had my trademark fruit smoothie, granola and my new favorite – fried egg and avocado toasted sandwich for breakfast. Feeling good. Got my ProCompression calf sleeves on and waiting for them to do their magic!


Now I can just relax all day just have to put in a few hours at work before I can stuff my face with mac and cheese. Happy Sunday!

March mileage: 83 miles/133.6 KM

Weekly recap:

5 runs

Weekly mileage: 27.35 miles (highest mileage maybe ever?)

Longest run of the year: 10.02 miles

2 yoga classes

1 strength workout

1 climbing gym session



13 thoughts on “Day 56 – Double digits

  1. Wow, you’ve been busy! How great- nice pace with your 10 miler and I absolutely love your fried egg with avocado toasted sandwich. I think I might give that a try!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Happy Sunday! Have a great, relaxing day! 😉

    • Thanks! I really like wearing them – feel like a proper runner!

      Yay for climbing! I love gym climbing although it took me a while to get comfortable – you’re a badass so you’ll rock it! (bad pun!).

  2. WalkToRio says:

    That was a nice long run!
    I’m gonna try compression socks for the first ever next weekend, if they arrive that is.
    We are having summer weather already, soon I’ll be whining about the heat.

    • I’ve been wearing mine all day. I don’t know if they really work but my brain is convince they do.

      I think we always like to complain about the weather! it’s never just right…….

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