Day 51 – Awesome mail!

Look what arrived! I somehow managed to survive one week without my Garmin data. I know. It was tough! But now I’m back in the game. Interesting fact, the first half of my 10 K (last time I’ll mention it I promise) had an elevation gain of 601 ft! Thanks Garmin for confirming why that hill sucked so much.


These guys also arrived. $59 from running warehouse. Pretty! They are going to stay in the box until marathon training starts.


Having a boyfriend who is training for a marathon means stuff like this arrives in your house from time to time.


Monday is fast becoming leftover day.


Last night our friend B came over after work. She is our team captain for our Hood to Coast Relay. We talked about our provisional plans for our race. I’m so excited for this race!

Today is an active rest day. Early morning strength training. Nothing out of the ordinary. Except our downstairs neighbors for some reason decided that they needed to have a loud conversation at 5 AM. I know I get up early but I like to get as much as sleep as I can.  And who can have such a lengthy conversation at that time of the morning. I can usually grunt yes or no and maybe string a sentence together by 7 AM.

8 thoughts on “Day 51 – Awesome mail!

  1. WalkToRio says:

    Running Warehouse rocks, they usually have good deals.
    Everybody at home knows, that I cannot be held accountable for anything I say before my alarm goes off, as I’m still sleeping.

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