Day 48 – New PR!

Just a quick post as I refuel from my race this morning – all my favorites! Yum!


Today was my first race of the year. The Leprechaun Lope 10K. I wasn’t sure how it would go considering I’ve been nursing an injury basically since the start of the year and I haven’t being doing much tempo work. Plus the first 3 miles are uphill.

But I managed a new 10 K PR – 46.39 which is 7.31 min/miles. Fourth female over all (out of about 160ish). Felt great and finished strong. Full race report to come on Monday! Now to enjoy the rest of my Saturday.


11 thoughts on “Day 48 – New PR!

    • Oh it’s take me a while to get speedy. Consistency is the key but that’s whats great about running everyone has their own goals that they are trying to break. That sub 9 min mile will come!

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