Day 47 – A real rest day

Today was a real rest day. Normally, a rest day for me means swapping running for yoga or strength training. But today I did nothing. Well. obviously I went to work and regular stuff but no exercise. I even got to stay in bed til 7 AM. After work I went and picked up this.


It’s a small race to raise funds for a local school. Pick-up was at the middle school from some parent volunteers. The shirt is crazy bright but I like it. Plus the registration was only $28 for a 10K. I’m a little nervous – races always do that to me. I don’t know why – it’s not the Olympics – just anxiety brimming over. Mostly looking forward to it though.


I’m all ready to go. And I promise that despite how the picture seems I will be wearing mostly green.

And I’m all carb-ed up. Pasta bake and roasted broccoli.


There are carbs in wine, right?

Yesterday I got in a nice and easy run after work. The weather was perfect – sunny and around 58 F. I ran from work – 3.89 miles and mostly a gentle downhill at about 8.00 min/mile. Gotta love when gravity gives you a helping hand!

March mileage: 47.5 miles/76.4 KM.


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