Day 45 – Back to the hills

It’s only a couple of days til my first race of the year and a little over a month to my 2nd half marathon ever. Man, this year is going SO fast.

Today I swapped out my tempo run for hill work. Lucky for me (?) I live near a ton of pretty decent hills so all I had to do was leave my house and turn right. It wasn’t a classic hill session but I ran up and down 5 pretty steep hills at about 80% effort for a total of 4.17  miles at about 9.08 min/mile pace (My garmin connector has disappeared so until my new one arrives next week I’ll be guestimating all of my paces and have no idea about elevation). It felt hard but not puke your guts speedwork hard and not nearly as awful as I remember from last summer.

March mileage: 43.6 miles/70.2 KM

Spring in Utah is pretty neat. It snowed yesterday and looked like this in the AM.


6 hours later – the snow is completely gone and today it is sunny and in the mid 50s again. Still dark in the mornings though – which has made me a little more tired than normal this week – so I’m going to switch to an after work run tomorrow. Yay for wearing shorts!

Yesterday I made a salad for lunch for the first time in forever – green leaves, half an avocado, some tomatoes, feta and leftover salsa verde chicken. J thought it was ginormous – I thought it was pretty much perfect!


I also believe that if I start eating salad I’ll trick the universe into thinking its summer.

Dinner was back to meatless Tuesdays. Tofu and veggie stir fry in a peanut sauce with egg noodles. I have to say that since I moved to the US I was surprised at how much peanut butter there is in everything. I was not a fan to start with (don’t hate me!) but I’m slowly coming around – especially when it’s cooked Asian style. Yum!



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