Day 38 – a little late

Yesterday was a busy day. So busy that I didn’t have time to blog! Disaster! Well, not really………

I did quite well on Pancake Tuesday – four delicious and perfectly cooked crepe-style pancakes cooked by my friend G. Two savory and two stuffed with nutella and vanilla ice cream We also had some home made donuts which are traditional Bosnian fare before the start of Lent.

Wednesday was hectic. My knee had been feeling a little weird on Tuesday so I didn’t want to run first thing in the morning but see how it felt later in the day. Instead I got up at 630 AM to do my PT exercises. I think this might be the definition of masochism.

I got into work a little early only to be confronted by a flooded floor that I had to spend 20ish minutes mopping. Glad I went to grad school to help me figure that one out.

I was feeling pretty good and more importantly the weather was looking amazing. Blue skies and high 50s F. I kinda had to run outside. The trail behind the building where I worked was beckoning me all morning so at lunchtime I gave in and did 3.86 miles at 8.55 min/mile pace. I guess I didn’t realise before but that trail is rather undulating – 447 ft elevation gain over the whole run with most in the first part. No wonder it felt so hard! I was also wondering if trail running might help with my running injury. I am way more careful about my foot placement when the trail is littered with sharp, pointy rocks. I also tend to shorten my stride so that I don’t trip up on anything (I am naturally an incredibly clumsy person).

I got to wear shorts and a t-shirt for this run. And I was a little warm. Win. Plus, this trail gives a beautiful panorama over downtown SLC and out to the great salt lake. Pretty. Double win.


This is someone else’s photo of the trail but you get the idea.

I was a little nervous to run by myself. In the past we’ve had warnings about rattle snakes and mountain lions hanging out around here. And I’m convinced that I saw a couple of mountain lion foot prints in the mud. Luckily I passed a whole bunch of other runners, bikers and walkers so I felt pretty safe.

I’m also lucky to have a shower in my building so I didn’t have to force my runner’s stink on anyone else. I also think that running energizes me (well obviously not super long runs) so I was able to get everything done in time to catch the earlyish bus home and get ready for a session in the climbing gym (6 routes done!). But by the time I got home it was almost 10.30 PM and I was toast!

March total: 18.45 miles/29.7 KM


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