Day 37 – Happy Pancake Tuesday/Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras!

Since moving to the US (and after John watched Food Inc. – I as usual slept through it) we’ve been reducing our meat intake. Mostly for health and environmental reasons. Yes we’re liberal European hippies. But I just can’t do full vegetarian. I usually eat turkey for lunch  – I think this would be my biggest hurdle. Breakfast and dinner I could cope with but lunch………..What do vegetarians eat for lunch?

Yesterday I finally managed a full meatless Monday. I used leftover roast veggies to make a lentil-based soup. The secret ingredient: cumin. I think this has upped its game to become my go-to ingredient. It looked a little vomity but tasted pretty good.


We visited Boulder, CO last year and picked up some goodies at an awesome spice shop. They had the best Thai green curry mix that I’ve ever used – seriously amazing. If you live anywhere nearby or are passing through you should definitely visit. Last night I made tofu fajitas with one of their seasonings. Yum.


Today was a rest day. Just in time. My knee is a little achy and a little swollen. I’m trying to decide if I need another rest day tomorrow but definitely nothing hard tomorrow.

6 AM yoga is still taking place in the dark.


You should know by now that today is Pancake Tuesday/Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras. Growing up in Ireland Pancake Tuesday was always a big deal. It was probably the only day of the year that we actually ate pancakes – shocking to any Americans out there  – and they were not the typical fluffy buttermilk and syrup type but more crepe-like and eaten with sugar and lemon juice. This also included attempts at flipping pancakes – not easy – and was usually a fun family night. Tonight we’re celebrating with our British-Australian friends. So pancakes for dinner and dessert.

Today I also gave in and bought another pair of running shoes. I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I am running in Brooks PureCadence 2’s right now. Well what do you know – they were on sale on the running warehouse today $69 plus I had a coupon for an extra 15% off. There are four different colors and now I have three. That’s not excessive, right? I’m not planning on using them until I start my marathon training but I like to be prepared. Plus I can’t pass up a bargain.



4 thoughts on “Day 37 – Happy Pancake Tuesday/Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras!

  1. I bought 6 pairs of the original Pure Cadence when they went on sale because I love them. I’m still using them! I’m going to be crushed when they wear out 😦 I eat meat-free 90% of the time so I don’t feel guilty for sustainability reasons for the one meal a week where I eat it. I have a tougher time with the cruelty issues but I enjoy eating meat once in a while so I just do my best to use products that are known for more humane practices.

    • I went through two pairs of the originals too. The 2’s look a lot different but for me the fit was pretty similar. But whey your shoe is on sale you’ve gotta go for it.

      Completely agree with your meat-eating philosophy.

  2. onelifeadventure says:

    Kind of over did it with the pancakes this year…I had 12.
    Anyway the Lenten plan this year is two days fish and one day complete non meat per week. This will be interesting as I live on a farm and meat is always on the menu. I couldn’t imagine never eating meat again but definitely more sustainable choices have to be made.

    • Wow 12 is impressive. I could only manage four! Although they were full on Nutella and ice cream.

      That seems like a great Lenten goal. Going meatfree a couple days a week is way easier than you think and great for the planet – and the animals! Don’t think I could go completely meat free either.

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