Day 35 – Bears? I don’t think so

Long run day. Does anyone else really look forward to long runs? I think they’re my favorite part of training. Going out and knowing all you have to do is keep going for x number of miles. Of course I do them on Sundays so I can take my time and enjoy the view.

The plan for this morning was to do 7.5 miles over at City Creek where my race will be in 2 weeks. The sun was out and I had my new compression socks on so I was ready to go. The first mile was a bit ughh (seems like this is a trend lately), then I headed up into the canyon ready for to zone out and just run. Well I got about a quarter mile up and I saw it. A giant sign warning about numerous bear sitings in the canyon over the last week. A single runner in a deserted canyon full of bears. I noped right out of there.

Plan B: try and run 6.5 miles and not get lost. This side of the city is pretty hilly and because I wasn’t totally sure of my route it was a bit of a mess but I got it done. 7.5 miles at 8.50 min/mile pace. A little slow but this included 825 ft of elevation gain. A good workout. Still not sure if the compression socks helped or not but at least they were comfortable and are officially road tested.


This was my view as I stretched out by the car. Pretty.

Almost 700 calories burned so I went with a three course breakfast. Granola and smoothie to start. Then a egg and avocado toasted sandwich (my two favorite breakfast ingredients). And to finish zucchini and chocolate chip bread. Great morning. Now the question is whether to hike or ski this afternoon – talk about first world problems!


March running total: 10.5 miles/16.9 KM

Weekly recap:

5 runs

Total mileage: 22.1 miles

One strength workout

One yoga workout

Two climbing sessions


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