Day 33 – February is over – how did that happen?

When you start out a 12 week training plan it seems like an eternity. Three whole months – that’ll take forever to pass…………No, not really. We’re on the last day of February already. I’m almost done with week 5 of my plan and my first race of the year is two weeks away. In preparation for my 10 K race I bought my first ever pair of compression socks. The race is leprechaun themed so I had to get these.


I don’t know if they’ll help with my racing and/or recovery but I’ll know that I’ll look the part at least. J got a pair of calf sleeves last weekend and has been wearing them every day since. His do not have a clover on them so there’s no way they are as cool as mine!

Last night was another meatless dinner – cauliflower dal (again). This time with pita bread, sour cream and some flaked almonds. I may have a problem with portion sizes……


This is the second time we’ve had this in the last couple of weeks. I can get serious food cravings and need to eat something every week for a month or two and after that I’ll need a break of 6 months or so. I now have an intense craving for some chickpeas/garbanzo beans so that are top of my shopping list right now. I’m guessing that my body knows what it needs?

Thursday has also turned into “the week is nearly over so you better have a glass of wine” day. Lucky for me I’m much better at controlling my alcohol intake than my food intake. Plus food tastes better when there’s wine around.


This morning is a rest day from running. I have a short but quick run tomorrow that I am a little apprehensive about and then a medium run on Sunday (7ish miles). I headed for an early morning gym session – mostly core, a little arm work (which I do not enjoy) and some leg strengthening. I wanted to see if my pull-up from last week was a fluke so I tried again on the big girl pull up bar………and I can do one proper pull-up! And then I need to sit down. I tried for a second one about 10 mins later and did not quite make it. Still have work to do to get two in a row. I did manage 30 push ups. Not sure if I’ll get to my target of 50 but I’ll keep trying. I’m definitely feeling the benefits of all this strength training.

7 thoughts on “Day 33 – February is over – how did that happen?

  1. Today was a total rest day for me as well (and last night was also end of the week wine night, but then I also have middle of the week wine night and sometimes beginning of the week wine night). I LOVE those socks! I have a St. Paddy’s race coming up and need something like those to run in.

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