Day 32 – Monthly total and crosstraining

Today was my last run of February – 3.5 miles at 8.31 min/mile pace. To be honest I ran this at medium effort and thought that I might be a little faster. Oh well. On the plus side I felt strong and I think I might be finally getting the hang of this new running form. I also totalled my miles for the month (love my data)  – 84 miles for the month. About 30 more miles than I ran this time last year. Plus it puts me right on track for one of my major goals for the year – 1000 miles for the year (this averages about 83 miles per month).

Injury update: My knee still feels a little stiff. So I’m icing it a lot. And doing my PT exercises. Man they are tough – l now have three different types of resistance bands. But I’m pretty psyched that I managed all this mileage despite not being fully fit.

Dinner last night was glazed salmon and stir-fried veggies. I basically made this sauce and used it to glaze the salmon and then to finish off the veggies. Would recommend.

3 tbsp Oyster sauce

2 tbsp Teriyaki sauce

1 tbsp Honey


It was also really quick to prep which is my number one criterion for mid week cooking.

Afterwards we went to the local climbing gym to do a couple of routes. For anyone sitting on the fence about trying climbing I would definitely recommend it. Even if you are terrified of heights (like me) you’ll eventually get comfortable on the rope (like me) and find it’s a great way to cross train.

I mentioned yesterday how I thought that my leg strengthening exercises were really paying off with my yoga practice. Well, I think the same applies to my climbing. Despite what you might think the best way to move in climbing isn’t to pull up with your arms but rather to push up with your feet. Your quads are way bigger than your biceps! You also need good balance and a strong core. So strong leg muscles and decent core – sound familiar?

You also have to learn to “trust your feet”. This means having the confidence to put all of your weight on your feet – even if you are on a tiny little foothold -and use your leg muscles to stand up and reach the next hand hold. It’s quite the psychological battle!

But last night I felt like I rocked it. My legs felt strong and routes that I thought I would struggle with I climbed easily. It’s kind of like the feeling you get when you have an awesome run – climber’s high maybe? It’s like exercising without realizing you’re working out. And while you’re doing it all you think about is how to solve the next problem. A great way to clear the mind.

Have you ever tried climbing? Do you want to?


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