Day 30 – Sunshine and mood swings

I feel like my mood for the last few days have been all over the place. Crappy and down on Saturday. Elated on Sunday. Beyond exhausted on Monday. And back to my normal happy self today. It might not be a coincidence that my two awesome days coincided with sunshine and blue skies. Good weather always puts me in a good mood.

Last night I was seriously in need of comfort food and my go-to is enchiladas. This time it was all-veggie zucchini enchiladas with all the toppings. It was good. Cheesy and with extra avocado.


I also went to bed before 9.30. I think that maybe my long run took it out of me on Sunday but I needed 8 hours of sleep. I was also hydrating like a crazy person all day. I think chocolate milk might become a staple in my diet from now on.

It all worked and I woke up feeling great and with minimal stiffness in my quads and glutes. Plus another smashing day. Today is a rest day so no running. But I had scheduled a check-up with my physiotherapist……….

Overall it went pretty well. My right foot rotation is improved and my form is better. She massaged the hell out of my quads and glute medius muscle. And I got more homework to do – crab walks and bridge exercises.

I have a serious muscle asymmetry – my right leg is significantly weaker than my left leg and may be the cause of all my problems. So we’re working on strengthening exercises to sort that out. It’s never good when your PT looks your leg up and down and tells you its got issues.

On the plus side she said I could keep at my current volume – a little over 20 miles a week. And my training plan got the official PT approval. And she suggested that I could restart some speedwork – specifically tempo runs! Plus I can have a bigger gap until I see her again. Win. Win. Win.

I’m celebrating with a yoga class to work on my core some more. This is a class I went to almost every Tuesday for a year – Yoga for Athletes. However, by the end of last year I was getting a little tired of it and wanted to shake up my routing so I haven’t been in a while. I am excited that I’m excited to go (if that makes sense). I know if will kick my butt.

Also, I had some thoughts about my long run on Sunday that I wanted to share;

1. Lemon and lime flavored Nuun is so good. A million times better than Grape (Yuck!). It tastes like flat Sprite which is actually pretty tasty to me.

2. I love running down hills. I just have to get my quads to agree.

3. It was a bit too cool to wear shorts. My legs went a little numb especially running in the shade. This happened in my first half marathon – cold and rainy. But I kind of liked it because it felt like I was running a little nekkid – I had to check that I was still wearing shorts!

4. Running under blue skies and sunshine is the best. Well, as long as it’s less than 60F.


4 thoughts on “Day 30 – Sunshine and mood swings

  1. Ew I hate grape stuff, tastes like medicine. I love lemon lime anything though, that’s my go-to nuun. I also like the lemon tea šŸ™‚ imbalances stink! I tore my quad rather massively 10 years ago and I have so much scar tissue that it creates problems so I have a definite strength disproportion that I have to constantly work on šŸ˜¦

    • Doing single leg exercises really makes the difference clear……

      I also have the orange nuun to try out. Lucky for me the grape nuun were free at a race last year so I don’t feel bad about never using them again!

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