Day 29 – Bah Mondays!

Week 5 of half marathon training begins. And what a dubious start. After my longest run since October 2013 on Sunday I started with a 4 mile recovery run at 9.19 min/mile pace. Nice and slow. I thought after my downhill running adventure that I might be sore on this run and after about two miles I noticed knee twinges and quad pain. But I guess I was still sleep-running as it didn’t seem that bad.

As the day wore on the quad pain got more intense. I had forgotten that my legs are not used to downhill running. Yikes! I felt that today my eyes never really opened at all and I was zombieing (new verb) my way through work. As luck would have it (or not) this was a crazy busy day and I got just about 30 mins break to have lunch in a 9 hour day. I spent 20 mins of this break icing my knee – it seemed a little swollen – and lucky for me I work in a lab with an ice machine. So I’ve got that going for me.

Last night we made pear and gorgonzola pizzas for dinner with a Greek salad. What can I say it was almost 60 F and it felt like summer.


My tolerance for blue cheese is pretty low and I just couldn’t manage to eat the leftovers I brought for lunch. This did not help my energy levels. I think I might have to start eating more than normal – I’ve lost 4 lbs in the first 4 weeks of training which isn’t good. I had extra snacks yesterday while I watched J make more homebrew.


Carrots and hummus. Yum!

So 4 weeks are done – that’s one third of the way through. Still loving it most of the time but the last three runs have been a bit of a roller coaster of feeling crappy followed by awesome followed by crappy again. Perfect timing for a rest day. And a check-up with the physiotherapist.

Weekly recap:

5 runs

Total mileage: 22.80 miles

Longest run of the year: 8.40 miles

Two strength workouts

Two yoga classes

Two trips to the climbing gym

Why can’t every week be a four day week?


4 thoughts on “Day 29 – Bah Mondays!

  1. Eeek I hope your knee gets better soon – that’s clearly so not what you want! Incidentally, I also have to work hard to keep the weight on during bouts of hard training. I keep my meals basically the same as normal, but I add a lot of varied and healthy snacks, which seems to do the trick. I often make some fruit bread over the weekend, which I then eat over the coures of the next week, for example. It really does make a difference. Good luck with your training and icing of the knee…!

    • I think that’s what I’ll do – extra healthy snacks. Might have to whip up some banana bread this weekend. Everything feels better today – mush have something to do with the sunshine and 60F weather!

  2. Hi there – getting enough calories during training is a huge issue for me, especially after high mileage weeks (for this marathon, my high mileage weeks are 65-70 miles/week). My hunger kicks in a few days after high mileage. I’m generally not a big snacker, I don’t eat meat or wheat, and am allergic to some nuts. On those days when I just can’t get satisfied, I sometimes drink a meal replacement shake in addition to a meal. It fills me up and gets rid of that ‘I just can’t seem to get full’ feeling, which drives me crazy. I also make smoothies of fruit, greek yogurt and peanut butter, which fill me up. Unfortunately for me, a lot of trail mixes and bars (like Lara, etc) contain almonds, which I can’t have. I also eat a crazy amount of Sabra hummus – I feel like I should just work for the company at this point!

    • Thanks for that – it was really useful. Although I’m not near your mileage – yet or maybe ever! – I’ll be running my first marathon this year and want to start thinking ahead. Sorry to hear about your food allergies – that’s a bummer!

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