Day 27 – Bad runs

Today is my one month blog-iversary! It’s been fun and such a welcoming community.

This morning was meant to be the easiest run of the week. 3 miles at normal pace. Should be a piece of cake right? Well no. This run was the worst of all my training runs. I started with a headache and icky stomach. My form was all over the place and every step was a struggle. My mind definitely did not want to be out there. It sucked.

So what do you do when this happens? Well, I acknowledge that it was a bad run. Have a minute to feel bad about it and then forget about it. At least the miles are in the bank and that run is ticked off my chart. Now I just have to move on to my long run tomorrow.

Part of the problem is not drinking enough water. Today I have been guzzling as much H20 as possible. I want to feel great tomorrow. It’s also a good reminder for me to take my hydration seriously.

Also managed a quick trip to the climbing gym. 5 routes done including a couple of more challenging climbs and I felt so good. It was a nice contrast to my shitty morning run.

J’s new hobby is home brewing which means are spare room looks like this.


Beer counts as hydration right? Especially when it’s in a glass from my trail series last year.



7 thoughts on “Day 27 – Bad runs

  1. Congrats on your first month of awesome blogging! I think bad runs are great learning oportunities, even if they don’t feel that way at the time. It’s important to learn to keep going when things aren’t all going according to plan – I find that those mental skills come in so useful when things get tough in a race. On another note, I know lager can be counted towards carb-loading before races. 😉

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