Day 20 – Relaxing Saturday

For Valentine’s Day we did an hour walk up in Park City with some friends followed by a pot-luck dinner. The area we walked around was at Round Valley – a no-fee area that’s great for trail running and mountain biking in summer and cross-country skiing in winter.


It’s a great place and there’s a really great Trail Series held there over the summer. The snow was a little slushy and I was definitely glad i wore waterproof boots. For pot-luck (I had never heard of this before I moved to the US – awesome idea BTW) I made some stuffed mushrooms using (I forgot to photograph them but they were amazing).


I also managed to have 3 (!) desserts. Yum. I love having friends who can cook so well!

This morning was a nice and easy 3 mile run. It felt really good and I felt really strong. Minimal knee pain and the pace felt pretty easy which was a little weird because my pace was 8.27 min/mile. Great start to the day. I even managed to catch an episode of Scandal while I was doing my PT and having breakfast – love that show. It was also the first day this year that I ran outside in something other than my running tights.


I guess it was a black and blue kind of day.

At lunchtime we hit the climbing gym and did 6 routes. The first climb was a little hard but after that everything was flowing. I guess I should feel lucky that it was one of those days.

Luckily for us our climbing gym is right beside REI so we checked out their clearance racks. I have a hard time paying full price for any workout clothes. I found these – Brooks running shorts and long sleeved tech shirt for $10 each. Bargain.


Run happy!

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