Day 18 – Placebo effect?

Yesterday we had to do a quick dinner before heading out for the evening. So I made one of my  favorite – and easiest – recipes from last year from Kalyn’s kitchen. It’s almost vegan (which I am not) but so tasty. You fry your protein of choice (I used tofu) until golden and then add this sauce for about 3 mins – it thickens really quick. I served it with egg noodles (the non-vegan part) and green cabbage sauteed with toasted sesame oil and red pepper flakes. Added some green onions and sesame seeds – gotta decorate.

3 tbsp soy sauce

3 tbsp rice vinegar

2 tbsp smooth peanut butter

1 tbsp agave nectar

2 tbsp water

1 tbsp sriracha


So good. Would probably work with chicken too. And takes 20 mins. My kind of meal.

So where were we rushing off to? The climbing gym.


J and I first tried out this gym using a Groupon about 2.5 years ago. I’m not going to lie this was totally his idea. I am terrified of heights and can get really anxious when I feel like I’m out of my depth. I didn’t love it at first. They have a kiddies intro wall going up from A to Z. My first couple of times I couldn’t get past L. L for lame. But I persevered and grew to love it. I feel like gym climbing is like solving a puzzle with your body and that is pretty awesome. Its all about core and balance and trusting your body. Cross training that doesn’t feel like working out. And if I can do – ANYONE can do it. Still working on feeling like this when I get outside!


The gym gets pretty busy during winter. SLC has a pretty big climbing community.

I also had to try out my new climbing shoes. They hurt like MOFOs but I think that’s normal.


This morning was planned to be a 30 minute run. I thought about going to yoga but with two bruised elbows (from my two falls) and a sore knee I decided to give it a miss. I did 3.89 miles at 9.00 min/mile pace. Not bad. Felt pretty comfortable. Trying to make sure my knee stayed straight.

I think once a PT tells me I’ll be fine and just take it easier I take it as Gospel. I felt so much better today. Way less knee pain all day. My quads are still super tight and I’ve been rolling them like crazy. But I’ve decided to be positive and am pretty confident that I can beat this thing. That’s the power of positive thinking or maybe the placebo effect. I don’t care which!

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