Day 16 – Getting a little wiser……………

Today is a rest day. Normally for me that means an active rest day i.e. no running. Instead I do some strength training mainly squats, lunges, calf raises and a ton of core work. I don’t really do real rest days. I guess I think that if I go a whole 24 hours without exercising I’ll turn into a fat slob who gets who will never run a marathon. Needless to say this is ridiculous. I’ve read a million articles saying that rest is important. That we need to let our bodies recover and be refreshed. Why is it so hard to put this into practice?

I’m trying to be smarter about my training. Listening to my body. Being flexible with workouts if I need to be. My knee felt a whole lot better yesterday but still a little painful when going up or down stairs and when I bent it (and started poking my knee-cap – I did this about every half hour to see if I was suddenly and miraculously injury free). A 50 minute session doing nothing but bending my knee was probably not going to help.

So I did something old me would not have done. I am taking a complete rest day. No exercise (other than my PT exercises). I still got up early and got a few extra hours in work. And you know what – my knee feels great. Almost normal and just a little tender.

Tomorrow was originally going to be a short tempo workout but that probably won’t help my injury either so I’m going to do a slow recovery run.

I might finally be getting wiser and that can’t be bad.


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