Day 15 – Week 3 begins

I can’t believe I’m starting week 3 already – this running is flying by. My quads were surprisingly fresh this morning after skiing yesterday and I did a nice and easy 3.6 mile route. This was a pretty perfect run which was totally unexpected considering it was first thing Monday morning and it was raining. But it felt good from start to finish with only a slight knee pain. I’m resting tomorrow and hoping the PT can fix me up on Wednesday.

But my Garmin still isn’t quite sure where I live……….

We’re having some unseasonably warm weather here this week so I have been able to run in road shoes instead of the trail shoes that have become my winter staple. Yay for non-icy sidewalks.


My trail shoes in sunnier times. Brooks Pure Grit 2s. Love them!


Road shoes – Brooks Pure Cadence 2s. I love Brooks shoes. So comfy!

You might have noticed that I haven’t posted food pictures for a while. This is because I’ve been lucky enough to have people cook for me over the weekend. I also did a Crockpot dinner, which doesn’t even feel like cooking. Back to normal tomorrow.

3.6 miles at 9.09 min/mile pace


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