Day 14 – only half ski bunny

Last night J and I visited the Utah Symphony to hear some Mozart and Shostakovich cos we’re fancy like that! The building where the symphony plays has an awesome Chihuly sculpture in the lobby. You can also see the Temple in the background.


So what do I wear to the Symphony? Red skinny jeans obviously! They’re from Old Navy and so comfy.


Today was a rest day, which was exactly what I needed. We got a ton of snow in SLC this week so we decided to hit our local ski resort and have a day of cross-training. Usually, it takes about 40 mins to get from our house to the ski resort – I know we are really lucky – but today it took 2 hours! First world problems. It was snowing pretty much all day and there was fresh powder on every run. Including the steep as hell gully that I somehow ended up on after following J through a freshly opened gate. If I haven’t scared myself and worried for my life while out skiing I haven’t tried hard enough.

Unfortunately, my phone died at lunch time so I have no cool photos. But I can tell you that lunch was tomato soup, half a nature valley and a can of Sierra Nevada IPA all in the back of our car. Cos we’re classy like that.

All in all I skied 8 runs. On the last run my quads insisted that I call it a day before they spontaneously combusted. And as a bonus my knee was totally fine all day despite me falling over about a half dozen times. Win win.

FYI crockpots and ski days go together like bacon and eggs, peanut butter and jelly, turkey and avocado……….OK I’m a little hungry now.

Weekly recap:

5 runs

Total mileage: 20.05 miles

One strength workout

One yoga class

One ski day

Longest run of the year: 6.46 miles

Fastest mile of the year: 7.20 mins


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