Running outside at last!

Like 99.999999% of runners I prefer to be in the great outdoors to get my miles than on the dreadmill. After about 10 mins I am so bored. If it wasn’t for podcasts (ThisAmericanLIfe and SavageLove get special mentions) and my new yurbuds I’m not sure I could do it.


I usually don’t mind the cold or dark. Rain usually gives me a moment to wonder if I really want to go outside – weird since I’ve lived in Ireland and Scotland two of the rainiest places known to man. But the thing that is stopping me from running outside isn’t weather but pollution. SLC in winter is not a fun place to be. Cold air gets trapped in the valley and keeps all the pollutants (mostly from cars, wood burning and the refineries that are conveniently located theree (?)). For a couple of days this week it was rated unhealthy to even be outside (think slightly better than Bejing). Most days its just unhealthy to do strenuous excercise outside.

Luckily, there was a small storm system yesterday that cleared out the air and meant a rare break in the bad air quality. So I woke up early, donned my tights and sexy reflective gear (see photo) and ran outside. And it was awesome. I wish I could do it for every run.



A nice easy run. Trying to build up my base before starting half marathon training next week. And after that I got to have some homemade banana bread for breakfast. It’s got fruit and its a bread definitely not cake. No I never would eat cake for breakfast. Happy Friday!


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