Running and eating


When I started running it wasn’t to lose weight. I had done the majority of that by changing my diet – to mostly vegetarian. During my half marathon training I only lost about 3 lbs in weight but about 6% body fat (27% – 21%). I was athletic! And lean! For the first time. EVER.

Now I don’t run to lose weight either. I run because I love to run. A convenient side effect is that I can indulge my sweet tooth. My giant sweet tooth. My Godzilla-sized sweet tooth.


Yum…………..chocolate bunnies.

Every Christmas my Mom and Nana both send me chocolate from Ireland. (American chocolate is the one thing I can’t get behind. Brunch and burritos might be the best inventions ever and when combined…..holy moly…..I’m in heaven.) I try to ration and eat sensibly. You know, moderation and all. But oh my God I love it. So after doing my hip strengthening exercises and subjecting myself to a foam roller, I’m going to sit down and eat a whole Wispa. And if you don’t know what a Wispa tastes like, you need to get off the internet, fly to Ireland or the UK and become acquainted.


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